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Designing buildings is about creating spaces and experiences for people. As such, we think that it is necessary to see the buildings from a human perspective. A human experiences space through his four physical senses and it is with this mindset that we have designed Karle Zenith.


The word interface refers to the point of interaction between 2 systems, or bodies. The entrance arch way, the guard that greets you, the lobby in front of the lifts; these are some of the transitional spaces that inform you that you are about to go from one space to another. In our design we have given a lot of thought to dealing with these transitional spaces. To us, all these transitional spaces have an important message to the visitor, and that is "Welcome".


The next part of our design intent is to make the spaces easy to navigate. Much of this will be achieved by utilising natural light. For example, we have created a "ring of light" around the lift lobby to contrast it with the dimmer car parking areas. This will enable instant recognition of the space to head for.

Within the towers there are openings on the floor slabs or wall on each level allowing views beyond the floor and adding "borrowed volume" to each area. This helps extend views from one space to the next, aiding in visual orientation within the development.

Line of sight

Positioning and framing the line of sight from a human angle is very important in such a big development. The three towers and the surrounding landscaping is planned to make sure that every view evokes a sense of tranquility and avoids the feeling of congestion. For example, in our design, when you exit your car at the main entrance you will be greeted by a line of tree and the clubhouse sitting at a storey above with a wide glass window. Beyond the window is the gym. When you exit the lift, you will be greeted by either a garden or a view of the space beyond the development, framed by the side wall of the apartment adjacent to it.

Façade Design

We have also conscientiously created a seemingly random pattern for the façade. This reduces the repetitive nature of high rise blocks.

Lily pads

Bangalore is known as the air-conditioned city. Its unique weather has allowed us to design an open entrance lobby for each block.

We have designed the entrance like a lily pad floating on a pool of water. A little passage way, the "stem", leads from the central garden to the lobby, prolonging and heightening the awareness of spatial transition. All this is done to enhance the sense of arrival and departure.

Sky Garden

We feel that high-rise living reduces our contact with the ground, and seek to alleviate this condition through the many designed "sky gardens", which will add openness and greenery in the blocks. These "sky-gardens" not only draw the greenery vertically, but they also allow cross-ventilation of the inner spaces of the high-rise blocks.

Apartments next to the "sky-garden" have windows opening to it, or balconies overlooking it.

The Apartment

Stepping into the apartment you will have a view of the living room and the space beyond. We have clearly demarcated the living areas from the more private sleeping areas. This provides the occupants with the privacy they desire.

Central garden

The central garden is a communal space where families can let their children play freely and safely. We have designed a peripheral road to keep vehicles away from the central garden. Activities areas are zoned according to the nature of its use. The sporting facilities are kept at the fringes while the central area is for leisurely activities like strolling.

The gardens are seen in its entirety at a higher level. Thus the graphic aspect of the design is very important. Linearity is the main element in the central gardens. The lines define the footpaths, the water bodies and the greens. The graphic pattern of the central garden resembles a tapestry of colourful flower beds, green lawns, blue pools, with the footpaths weaving through the whole picture.