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Our blueprint is actually green.

With Karle Zenith, we wanted to create the perfect yin and yang of nature and state-of-the-art technology. By including green concepts in our plan, we promise you and your family a naturally healthy environment.

Think green, think location planning.

The site selection and planning process is essential to Karle Zenith's eco-friendly design

  • Building on the perfect location, Karle Zenith is closer to public transport and other basic amenities. Our geography minimises the strain on local infrastructure and reduces pollution.
  • To protect the soil and our ecosystem during construction, we preserve high quality top soil to reuse it for landscaping and for the protection of existing trees.
  • We provide convenient battery charging stations to promote the use of alternative and low emission vehicles and reduce traffic pollution.
  • To promote bio-diversity, we create ample open and landscaped spaces.
  • Covered and shaded car parks have been included to help reduce 'local heat island' effects and provide more comfort to all occupants.
  • Our entire site is designed to support differently-abled persons. In our plan, we have included exclusive car parking spaces, easy access and uniform floor levels. We also have Braille and audio assistance in every elevator.
  • Green roofs and reflective roofs have been charted out to reduce heat islands and minimise the impact on the microclimate along with heat ingress into the building.

Think green, save blue.

Saving precious water is a vital part of going green.

  • Every drop of wasted water that is generated on-site will be reused for landscaping, flushing and other custodial purposes.
  • The site will have rain-water harvesting tanks and pits to collect and conserve precious H2O.
  • All landscaping areas have been planted with native/adaptive species of vegetation that will require little or no irrigation after a few years, reducing water requirements significantly.
  • Low-flow and efficient water fixtures such as low-flow dual-flush toilets, showers and sinks will be used to reduce water consumption.

Powering off is powering on.

Being energy efficient also helps.

  • Karle Zenith is designed to harvest natural lighting such that 50% of every apartment will be well-lit and not require artificial lighting during the day, thus saving on energy.
  • Energy efficient building envelopes will reduce the heat ingress into the buildings.
  • The use of efficient lighting systems will reduce the overall energy consumption.
  • A metering system is provided to ensure the adequate, consistent measurement and monitoring of all systems in the building.

The 3 R's: Reduce, reuse and recycle.

We ensure optimal use of all available resources

  • Provision of space for storage and collection of recyclable materials such as paper, glass, plastic and metal. We have also established partnerships with recycling agents.
  • Provision of organic waste management systems for treating waste and reusing the same for manure and other purposes.
  • Use of materials with a high percentage of recycled content; materials that are locally available, responsibly harvested wood products such as plywood and veneer to reduce exploitation of virgin materials.

The grass is greener on the inside.

The quality of living inside is as important as saving the environment.

  • The entire building is a 'no smoking zone' to ensure the health and safety of all its occupants.
  • We use adhesives, sealants, paints and coatings that are low on V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds), reducing organic emissions that maybe harmful to humans.
  • All the composite wood products used have been purchased to ensure that they do not contain potentially harmful Urea Formaldehyde.
  • All the apartments are designed with excellent fresh air and cross ventilation through careful design and placement of fresh air openings and windows to enhance indoor environment.