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Karle Town Center (KTC) is a mixed used development designed and planned based on the concept of creating a community. Given that today's lifestyle is one where time is spent on commuting rather than communicating, KTC is a self sustained environment where life is in total control. Traffic is taken out of the equation and distances are planned to offer people the opportunity to interact in a relaxed and enabling setting. Spaces are engineered for leisure and tranquility, predictability is introduced where it counts and conveniences are designed into every interaction.

The development is divided into three distinct precincts: Residential, Retail and Offices.

The retail & entertainment precinct is a planned development of 2.62 million sq. ft. and includes a high street shopping experience, a traditional mall, a hotel, service apartments and smaller offices. This precinct offers a unique entertainment centric experience and features a wide variety of fine dining restaurants, food plazas, civic amenities such as banks and post offices, entertainment zones that include multiplexes, amphitheaters and galleries. A green spine of five acres adjacent to this precinct draws in the greenery with cleverly planned "water bodies" and luscious landscaping. The Nagawara lake directly opposite the property brings a sense of serenity into the development and the sunset over the water is a perfect ending to any day spent here.

The office precinct of Karle Town Centre consists of 3.65 million sq. ft. of IT SEZ space consisting of seven towers and capable of accommodating over 40,000 people. 2 million sq. ft. of this precinct has already been gazetted. Each building is designed keeping its tenants in mind and is planned in detail for efficient usage of resources. Approval for the Karle IT SEZ was granted in 2006.

The residential precinct consists of 2.62 million sq. ft. of development spread over three phases. The first phase has been launched with Karle Zenith and planning has begun for the second phase with Karle Apex. Designs, planning and layout of these homes have been carried out keeping our customers in mind. The accent is on creating a series of ‘shared spaces’ where residents can interact with each other, whether it is at the parks, walkways, gyms or clubhouses to create a vibrant, thriving community. To read more about us click here.